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    Welcome to A Partsmart where we strive to earn your business with the widest inventory and best warranty available.

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Whether you're looking for parts ready to install, or to pull one yourself, A Partsmart is the place for you!

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We Offer the Best Selection of Parts for Your Vehicle

Used Transmissions, Engines & More in Salt Lake City, UT

If you love cars, SUV’s and trucks…expect Quality Parts, Warranties, Great Prices, and Great Customer Service…

You will experience why money-smart customers like you… pick Apartsmart Truck & Auto Parts every time.

Our auto recycling facility in Salt Lake City, Utah means you get premium auto parts at rock-bottom prices.

We have been in business since 1979 and understand what it takes to get you the quality and prices you are searching for!

We have the LARGEST selection of the BEST inventory available!

Here’s what we offer you:

  • Full inspections and quality testing on all recycled parts
  • Trained, courteous, and helpful staff members
  • 90-day to lifetime warranties to include BOTH PART AND LABOR WARRANTIES!!!
  • A wide inventory of parts from late model cars, trucks, & SUVs
  • Apartsmart utilizes over 10 acres and is conveniently located ONLY 11 miles from downtown Salt Lake City
  • $$$ TOP PRICES PAID for used or wrecked vehicles
  • Access to over 126 million car, truck, and SUV parts NATIONWIDE

If in a rare case we don’t have your part on site? We have a NATIONWIDE NETWORK and can get the part for you FAST!

If you don’t live in our area or even live out of state…NO PROBLEM! We have AWESOME shipping prices NATIONWIDE!

Want to bring your own tools and pull parts yourself? No problem. Check out our Self Service Yard!

Just call us and let us know how we can help. And get ready for the lowest prices around on our late model inventory.

2010 Ford

F150 Engine

Our Price


Dealer Price


2007 Toyota

Camry Transmission

Our Price


Dealer Price


2008 Nissan

Armada Headlight

Our Price


Dealer Price


2008 BMW

335i Speedometer

Our Price


Dealer Price


                                                                                                                                CHEAP PRICES ON QUALITY USED PARTS

                                        Engines     Transmissions     Transfer cases     Turbos     Super Charges     Axels     Drivelines     Spindles     Dashes     Doors     Air bags

                                           Seats     Speedometers     Headlights     Tail lights     Mirrors     Truck Beds     Fenders     Stereos     DVD Players     Tires     Wheels

                                            Bumpers     Tail Gates     Lift Gates     Alternators     Starters     Radiators    Starters     Compressors     Engine Control Modules

                                                                                                                                                AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

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We make it easy to search online; just go to our inventory search form, enter your year, make/model, and desired part—and you’re on your way. Have questions? Call us toll free or locally (see below), or stop by in person! We would love to see you.

Apartsmart Truck & Auto Parts
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Local Phone: 801.973.6234

Take advantage of the BEST in auto recycling…choose APARTSMART today.


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